Volume Cutting

Volume Cutting

Schelling AH8 Angle Plant Saws

Triesse have invested in two modern state of the art Schelling AH8 Angle Plants, capable of cutting a full range of panel products as well as Melamines, Veneers and Laminates.  These two saws cut material for volume led industries such as, pallet and case manufacturers, corrugated cardboard convertors, paper mills, coffin manufacturers and the storage and handling industry. They have a bed size of 4000mm x 2440mm. 

Schelling FH6 Angle Plant Saw

Triesse recently replaced its front loading Schelling FH4 saw with a larger rear loading FH6 saw. Used for the cutting of high value added products where accuracy and finish are paramount. Products such as Corian, compact grade laminate, veneered boards, laminated boards and melamine faced boards. Supplied to shop fitters, modular builders, kitchen, office and furniture manufacturers. Capable of converting panels 4100mm x 2440mm.

1. Service - From quotation to delivery Triesse prides itself on its rapid response times to support our customer requirements and production deadlines.

2. Flexibility - Not only can we cut, edge and drill we also batten boards, CNC and tongue and groove all panel products.

3. Diverse Stock Ranges - Due to well developed and consistent supply chains we can offer board thickness's and sizes that support customers on unusual sizes.